How to Send Stickers on GB WhatsApp

There are many phone features available in the WhatsApp Messenger for Android devices. One of such features is stickers which got introduced in the official version of the WhatsApp messenger for Android devices. In case you are using GB WhatsApp instead of an official version of the WhatsApp Messenger, then you will also able to use the stickers feature in the GB WhatsApp for Android devices. In this article, we will talk about the steps to sending stickers on GB WhatsApp for Android devices.

GB WhatsApp is the best person of the modified WhatsApp Messenger available in the Android devices. Not only sticker feature, but you can also get various customization and extra privacy and security features including the addition of themes and downloading WhatsApp status is directly into the internal storage of your Android devices. in case you want to install GB WhatsApp in your Android devices, then read the features carefully and download from the link provided below in this article.

Guide to send stickers on GB WhatsApp for Android devices:

Use these following steps to send stickers on GB WhatsApp for Android devices. This is not an extra customization of tweaking features, this feature is also available in the official version of the WhatsApp for Android devices. In case you want to download the GB WhatsApp for Android devices, download it from the link provided below of this article.

  1. Open the GB WhatsApp by tapping on the app icon on the app list of your Android devices.
  2. When the GB WhatsApp loads up, choose any chat very want to send the sticker and tap on it to open it.
  3. When the chat inbox opens up, tap on the emoji icon on the typing box.
  4. After the emoji box opens up, you can see at the bottom of the screen there are three options.
  5. First one is emoji which is currently opened up, the second one is the gif option.
  6. And the third one is the new addition, sticker option.
  7. Tap on the sticker option and select any sticker which you want to send and tap on it.
  8. Tap on the sticker instantly and it will get sent to the user on the other end.
  9. In case you want extra stickers in your GB WhatsApp, then download stickers from the sticker store option just beside the sticker pack.
  10. If you want stickers outside the Sticker Store, can download various sticker pack from the Google Play Store and it will get added in the sticker section of the GB WhatsApp for Android devices.

Download Link >> GB WhatsApp for Android devices


We have collected various information about the GB WhatsApp for you in this article. We have provided the full guide to locate and send stickers in GB WhatsApp for Android devices along with adding various sticker packs. This steps will also work in the official version of the WhatsApp messenger for Android devices. Share this article with other GB WhatsApp on WhatsApp users, or even Android users so that they can also use this fun feature available in the Android devices.


Unknown Facts About Activa 5g Colors Brown Uncovered by Industry Leaders

As colour is going to be the second step you will think about, Once you’ve made choice you may love to have a look at quick features and price of Activa 5G as below. This colour is just one of the ideal selling for Activa scooter. Red colour is thought to be sporty and extremely noticed. Additionally, these colours supply you with an excellent price if planning to sell afterwards. Before you choose the very best activa 5g colors, you ought to know the name of all colours variants out there. The tell-tale lights sit atop the console and there’s a side-stand indicator alongside a gear indicator too.

Regardless of what condition you ride on, you can depend on Activa 5G’s full metallic body with total confidence. The recent Activa 5G receives a metallic body like its earlier models. We wonder why it’s not being offered on the existing Activa 5G. The 2019 Honda Activa 5G is not going to receive any changes. The 2019 Honda Activa 5G is going to be introduced next calendar year. The Activa 4G is the most recent installment in the renowned Activa series by Honda.

The new model now offers more storage capacity with 18L under seat storage and it isn’t that all it also developed a much-needed characteristic of the time as you are now able to even charge your cell phone in the two-wheeler. This variant is intended for special men and women who understand how to carry your attitude with elegance. The 2 variants on offer at the moment will continue. It’s offered in 1 version.

No detail was overlooked and nothing was done half-heartedly. The plan of Honda Activa 3G is really a marvel. Therefore, the base design of the scooter remains the same. On the face of the body, it will get an Activa 5G logo embedded on it.

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The total appearance of the Activa remains the exact same as before in its most recent avatar. It will still remain the exact same. It times to consider multi-color patterns. The other changes that may be expected are extremely minor with an accession of new variants to the normal STD and DLX. There’s no mechanical changes within this model, engine and everything is still the identical foe best in class performance. The fundamental price difference between the 2 variants is of Rs. 2000. The majority of the folks think of Activa first before purchasing a new scooter.

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