Best Windows Launcher For Android

Nowadays,the user of the smartphones need more features in their smartphone so they keep looking for the new themes of several operating systems , So there’s many new services of themes and launcher for the android user as there are many latest Windows Launcher for the user of android devices. It makes great for the user of smartphones as it looks and work like the windows operating system in the android device. Imagine you wanted to buy the Windows phone but due to some reason you are not able to buy that phone but some of the launcher gives you the chance to operate your android phone as windows phone. The Google Play Store also provides the launchers like iOS which is used APPLE DEVICES. After installing the launcher the user can experience iOS services in their ANDROID SMARTPHONES.

There are many different types of Windows Launcher in the application store like Google Play Store. We Will help you to find the launcher according to the rating and reviews of user.

Since couple of years LAUNCHER 8 WP STYLE has proven itself to be one of the best WINDOWS LAUNCHER ON YOUR ANDROID DEVICE.Moreover,nowadays it is being launched with its MICROSOFT’S METRO STYLE which is CLASSIC in nature.It supports customization in its very fantastic form.It gives the user some brilliant features.The user can increase the size of the icons,change the color of the icons,provides the tiles which can be customised.The best feature of this launcher is that the theme can be restored.The status bar can be managed by the user and it also provides the window’s lock screen in the android smart phone.

  •   Metro launcher:-

    Metro Launcher, It is one of the best Window launcher which allows you to experience the Windows 8.1 on your android smartphone. You can surprise your friends like you are experiencing windows on your android phone. It is easy and fast in use . It is totally adfree and provides lots of amazing features.This application has some mindblowing features which the user can explore while using the application in their android smart phone.They can access to the DIY folder and they can resize the size of icons.

Windows 10 launcher has proven to be one of the best choices for the users nowadays if they want something new and different.The best feature of the app is that it has TASKBAR at the bottom of the Screen as Windows 10 has.You can customize and modify your ANDROID HOME SCREEN,SETTINGS and MENUS with the help of this launcher.You can set the VIEW OF YOUR APP’S ICONS by arranging them in 3 rows as per their and screen’s size.Besides,It has got QUICK ACCESS FEATURE.


You can completely experience almost all the WINDOWS 7 features on your ANDROID MOBILE PHONE with the help of WINDOWS 7 LAUNCHER.Like the operating system of Windows 7 the launcher has got TASKBAR and START MENU at the bottom of the screen.For using this launcher no installation of CUSTOM ROM is required by you.This launcher cannot be downloaded through GOOGLE PLAY STORE but you can download it with the help of the download links which you can get after searching for it from any WEB BROWSER.

The SQUARE HOME 2 LAUNCHER is the type of launcher that supports the customization of your ANDROID OPERATING SYSTEM in WINDOWS 10 style.In Fact,it supports all types of ANDROID OPERATING SYSTEMS.

Congratulations,Now you know the Top 6 Windows Launchers.