Best NES Emulators for Android

As the name indicates,NES Emulator is an emulator which allows the 8-bit NINTENDO GAMING CONSOLE to work wonderfully on your ANDROID DEVICES.It contains 64 different games in it.With the help if NES EMULATOR you can save the game uptill where you have played it so that you can pause and then continue playing your game at any time.It is an emulator which despite of having approximately just 2.5 MB of space,supports very long hours of gameplay by the players.It helps the user to experience great gaming experience in their android smartphone.

Some of the best and latest NES EMULATORS for android are as follows:-

  • John NES:-

This app was developed and onboarded by JOHN EMULATORS in the GOOGLE PLAY STORE.It supports GAMEBOY,GAMEBOY ADVANCE AND SNES GAMES.It performs all its tasks for which it is assigned with utmost perfection.

In JOHN NES it is very easy to select your games.This app fills it up with complete and necessary informations of the system while you load it up for the first time in it(your system)and ultimately makes it easy for you to start and play the game automatically.In one word we can define its performance and that word is WONDERFUL.GIVEN BELOW ARE SOME SCREENSHOTS OF JOHN NES EMULATOR’S GAMES:-

  •                 Nostalgia.NES:-


Nostalgia.NES is a type of EMULATOR which is available both in FREE AND PAID VERSIONS in the GOOGLE PLAY STORE.Both the versions will give you wonderful gaming experience.The free version as usual supports the advertisements while the paid version does not.The paid version is just for $1.49 and has 4.7 rating on GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

Following are the screenshots of the Nostalgia.NES EMULATOR Games:-

  • Retro8:-


Retro 8 is the newer NES emulator.This app comes in a paid version of cost $1.99 and in a paid version of cost $3.99.It also comes with a free version which supports advertisements.This emulator is an excellent alternative to JOHN NES EMULATOR AS WELL AS NOSTALGIA.NES EMULATOR. It has the great interference which make it easy in use. It is fast in use and make the great compatibility.It has the turbo mode which helps in fast forwarding the games.

  • NES.emu:-

NES.emu is the type of emulator which was developed by ROBERT BROGLIA.This emulator has got excellent controls but a bit outdated graphics.It runs very smoothly.It is one of the highest rated emulators on google play store due to its great performance. It helps the user to state the files as from FCEUX which works on NES.emu. It can be configured with onscreen and it allows the multi touch.The best quality of the application is it work in any orientation. No ROM will be included in the application. The user can transfer their games from internal storage to external storage.

  • 2P NES Emulator:-

2P NES Emulator is just available in its free version on GOOGLE PLAY STORE.It is available on the GOOGLE PLAY STORE with a very star rating of 4.7.It is supported mostly and smoothly in ANDROID of version 2.3.3.Still it is popular among the youth in this modern era also.This emulator supports the 2 PLAYER GAMING.It supports NES FILES AS WELL AS COMPRESSED OR ZIP FILES.It allows the players to load and save their present gaming state.You can also search this 2P NES EMULATOR FILES on WEB BROWSERS.For activating its option menu you will have to tap and hold the menu button present on its navigation bar.

Congratulations,Now you know the best NES for ANDROID.