Teens are so obsessed when it comes to playing games. Who doesn’t like taking a break from their hectic schedule and chill? This can get much better and fun if we can play all the games not on our 5 inches mobile screen but on our PC. With a bigger screen and clarity playing games is possible too. Advancement in technology has come up till this level that android games can be played on our PC with a mouse and a keyboard or maybe a controller too. Let us look at the ways how we can play them.

  1. Blue Stacks:
  • Blue Stack is an Android Emulator which provides us with a platform on which the games can be installed and played on the PC.
  •  It does not replace our operating system, rather is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows XP too and MAC also.
  • Using this Android Emulator we can play multiple games at a time.
  • It has also got the feature of chatting and playing simultaneously.
  • Download and installation of this app is free of cost.
  • It has got connections with the Google Play Store.

How to install Blue Stacks:

Step 1: download the program from the Blue Stacks website and once the download gets completed, run the file. The file size is large so it might take some time to get the installation finished.

Step 2: once the above process gets completed, we will be asked to log in using our Google account similar to the ones when we download on our mobile phones.

Step 3: enable the hardware acceleration features to make the app or the game run faster and smoother without any lags.

Step 4: after the launching of this app, select the games from the menu screen or from the list of recommended games. We can even download them from the Google Play Store.

You can play many games on your PC via bluestacks like clash of clans mod, tekken 3 etc.

  1.       Android SDK:
  • It is suitable for developers and not to be used on a daily basis as it is comparatively slower and difficult to configure.
  • To start using this emulator, download the Google Android SDK and once the downloading gets completed go to the SDK manager to change its default settings.
  • Select Tools and then Manage AVDs to create your own Android Virtual Device and click on Start to get started.

  1. Geny Motion:
  • It is just an alternative to Blue Stacks with better speed and features.
  • It helps us to download and install games using drag and drop.
  • Download and run Geny Motion on your PC and start playing games on it by downloading them from the Google Play Store.
  1. ARChon:
  • It is a traditional Android emulator which lets us download games using Google Play Store.
  • It is compatible with Windows, MAC and Linux as well.
  • Install this app on Google Chrome and then provide the apk files of the games you wish to download.

  1. You Wave:
  • It is an Android Emulator which is fast.
  • It supports Windows XP, 7, 8 and Linux.
  • Helps us to sync the app to our mobile phones.
  • We can download the games from Google Play Store.
  • The only disadvantage it has got is we can send text messages and is supported with multi-screen touch.
  1. Andy Android Emulator:
  • It supports Windows 7 and 8.
  • It supports multi touch function.
  • We can download the games from Google Play Store.
  • It requires graphics card of higher configuration and calls and texts cannot be sent.
  • It supports only Android 4.2

  1. NOX App Player:
  • It can be downloaded from the website and once done run the EXE File to complete the installation process.
  • It supports screen recording.
  • The games can be either downloaded from Google Play Store or drag and drop installation using the apk of the files.

Best NES Emulators for Android

As the name indicates,NES Emulator is an emulator which allows the 8-bit NINTENDO GAMING CONSOLE to work wonderfully on your ANDROID DEVICES.It contains 64 different games in it.With the help if NES EMULATOR you can save the game uptill where you have played it so that you can pause and then continue playing your game at any time.It is an emulator which despite of having approximately just 2.5 MB of space,supports very long hours of gameplay by the players.It helps the user to experience great gaming experience in their android smartphone.

Some of the best and latest NES EMULATORS for android are as follows:-

  • John NES:-

This app was developed and onboarded by JOHN EMULATORS in the GOOGLE PLAY STORE.It supports GAMEBOY,GAMEBOY ADVANCE AND SNES GAMES.It performs all its tasks for which it is assigned with utmost perfection.

In JOHN NES it is very easy to select your games.This app fills it up with complete and necessary informations of the system while you load it up for the first time in it(your system)and ultimately makes it easy for you to start and play the game automatically.In one word we can define its performance and that word is WONDERFUL.GIVEN BELOW ARE SOME SCREENSHOTS OF JOHN NES EMULATOR’S GAMES:-

  •                 Nostalgia.NES:-


Nostalgia.NES is a type of EMULATOR which is available both in FREE AND PAID VERSIONS in the GOOGLE PLAY STORE.Both the versions will give you wonderful gaming experience.The free version as usual supports the advertisements while the paid version does not.The paid version is just for $1.49 and has 4.7 rating on GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

Following are the screenshots of the Nostalgia.NES EMULATOR Games:-

  • Retro8:-


Retro 8 is the newer NES emulator.This app comes in a paid version of cost $1.99 and in a paid version of cost $3.99.It also comes with a free version which supports advertisements.This emulator is an excellent alternative to JOHN NES EMULATOR AS WELL AS NOSTALGIA.NES EMULATOR. It has the great interference which make it easy in use. It is fast in use and make the great compatibility.It has the turbo mode which helps in fast forwarding the games.

  • NES.emu:-

NES.emu is the type of emulator which was developed by ROBERT BROGLIA.This emulator has got excellent controls but a bit outdated graphics.It runs very smoothly.It is one of the highest rated emulators on google play store due to its great performance. It helps the user to state the files as from FCEUX which works on NES.emu. It can be configured with onscreen and it allows the multi touch.The best quality of the application is it work in any orientation. No ROM will be included in the application. The user can transfer their games from internal storage to external storage.

  • 2P NES Emulator:-

2P NES Emulator is just available in its free version on GOOGLE PLAY STORE.It is available on the GOOGLE PLAY STORE with a very star rating of 4.7.It is supported mostly and smoothly in ANDROID of version 2.3.3.Still it is popular among the youth in this modern era also.This emulator supports the 2 PLAYER GAMING.It supports NES FILES AS WELL AS COMPRESSED OR ZIP FILES.It allows the players to load and save their present gaming state.You can also search this 2P NES EMULATOR FILES on WEB BROWSERS.For activating its option menu you will have to tap and hold the menu button present on its navigation bar.

Congratulations,Now you know the best NES for ANDROID.


Best Windows Launcher For Android

Nowadays,the user of the smartphones need more features in their smartphone so they keep looking for the new themes of several operating systems , So there’s many new services of themes and launcher for the android user as there are many latest Windows Launcher for the user of android devices. It makes great for the user of smartphones as it looks and work like the windows operating system in the android device. Imagine you wanted to buy the Windows phone but due to some reason you are not able to buy that phone but some of the launcher gives you the chance to operate your android phone as windows phone. The Google Play Store also provides the launchers like iOS which is used APPLE DEVICES. After installing the launcher the user can experience iOS services in their ANDROID SMARTPHONES.

There are many different types of Windows Launcher in the application store like Google Play Store. We Will help you to find the launcher according to the rating and reviews of user.

Since couple of years LAUNCHER 8 WP STYLE has proven itself to be one of the best WINDOWS LAUNCHER ON YOUR ANDROID DEVICE.Moreover,nowadays it is being launched with its MICROSOFT’S METRO STYLE which is CLASSIC in nature.It supports customization in its very fantastic form.It gives the user some brilliant features.The user can increase the size of the icons,change the color of the icons,provides the tiles which can be customised.The best feature of this launcher is that the theme can be restored.The status bar can be managed by the user and it also provides the window’s lock screen in the android smart phone.

  •   Metro launcher:-

    Metro Launcher, It is one of the best Window launcher which allows you to experience the Windows 8.1 on your android smartphone. You can surprise your friends like you are experiencing windows on your android phone. It is easy and fast in use . It is totally adfree and provides lots of amazing features.This application has some mindblowing features which the user can explore while using the application in their android smart phone.They can access to the DIY folder and they can resize the size of icons.

Windows 10 launcher has proven to be one of the best choices for the users nowadays if they want something new and different.The best feature of the app is that it has TASKBAR at the bottom of the Screen as Windows 10 has.You can customize and modify your ANDROID HOME SCREEN,SETTINGS and MENUS with the help of this launcher.You can set the VIEW OF YOUR APP’S ICONS by arranging them in 3 rows as per their and screen’s size.Besides,It has got QUICK ACCESS FEATURE.


You can completely experience almost all the WINDOWS 7 features on your ANDROID MOBILE PHONE with the help of WINDOWS 7 LAUNCHER.Like the operating system of Windows 7 the launcher has got TASKBAR and START MENU at the bottom of the screen.For using this launcher no installation of CUSTOM ROM is required by you.This launcher cannot be downloaded through GOOGLE PLAY STORE but you can download it with the help of the download links which you can get after searching for it from any WEB BROWSER.

The SQUARE HOME 2 LAUNCHER is the type of launcher that supports the customization of your ANDROID OPERATING SYSTEM in WINDOWS 10 style.In Fact,it supports all types of ANDROID OPERATING SYSTEMS.

Congratulations,Now you know the Top 6 Windows Launchers.